5 Tips To Consider For Dining Table Placement | Furniture Store in North Charleston, SC

5 Tips To Consider For Dining Table Placement | Furniture Store in North Charleston, SC

The dining table is one of the most critical pieces of furniture in a house. It’s where you gather with family and friends to eat, talk, and create memories. And if you purchase your dining room table from a furniture store in North Charleston, SC, like Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, you will find the perfect piece for your home.

However, once you have the dining room table that suits your family’s needs, ensure it is in the right spot. If it’s too small for the space or placed too close to the wall, it can create an awkward feel and make people uncomfortable. 

Today, we’ll discuss some tips for placing your dining room table to ensure it complements your space. 

1. Start with the Size | Furniture Store in North Charleston, SC

The size of your dining table will determine how much space you should allow for it. If you purchase a smaller table, leave enough space around the perimeter so people can comfortably move in and out from their seats. If you get a larger piece, place it towards the center of the room, with more open space.

2. Think About the Seating Arrangement

Consider factors such as how many people will be seated around the table, whether or not chairs will be pulled in and out frequently, and if there’s enough legroom. Take measurements of the area to determine how many chairs can fit in the space and ensure enough room for people to slide out comfortably.

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3. Consider the Lighting 

Lighting is a critical factor to consider when placing your dining table. Ensure it's not directly next to a window or door, which can cause glare and shadows. Instead, aim for a spot with balanced light from multiple sources, such as lamps or overhead. It will create an inviting and cozy atmosphere while helping you eat more comfortably.

4. Keep Movement Flow in Mind | Furniture Store in North Charleston, SC

If your dining room table is going to be the centerpiece of the room, you should also consider other furniture pieces that will be nearby when deciding on its placement. It should not obstruct any doorways or walkways, and you should leave enough space between the table and other furniture for people to move freely. 

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5. Place it Close to the Kitchen

Place the table close to the kitchen if you have a connected dining and kitchen area. That way, it will be easy for people to grab dishes from the kitchen without making too many trips. Plus, it will create a more cohesive look between the two spaces. 

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Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional aesthetic, Atlantic Bedding & Furniture has the perfect dining table to fit your style. Our friendly experts can help you find the right piece for your home and provide tips and advice on placement. 

Visit our furniture store in North Charleston, SC, today and get started on creating a space that is inviting, cozy, and fun for everyone.